Meet the Team

Scott Haile

Scott Haile


Scott’s commitment to helping create organizations worth committing to is apparent in everything he does. He carries an unparalleled level of determination to be the best and it drives him to constantly challenge and improve the client experience. With his clarity of vision and strategy, he is truly guiding the company and our clients into the next generation of employee benefits. And with this challenging approach, we are all becoming leaders in the community: Sought out employers known for our proactive views and rich employee experiences.

Having built his career on helping business leaders develop strategy and find clarity within the complexities of running a business, Scott does not fear the difficult. In fact, he looks for it and specializes in it. Organizations with complicated structures, plans, needs, or those who just want something different from the standard benefits package love the ideas that he develops and the implementation that his team makes happen!

Mary Newby

Mary Newby

Plan Administrator

"Mary’s dedication is second-to-none. She has given unconditionally to this company and our clients since the first day. She is a constant reminder of the critical role we play in our community: To serve our clients" - Scott Haile

Mary has been a part of the company from day one and manages all administration functions, proving herself a key component of the entire business operation. She was co-creator and developer of "Total Client Management,” a system to manage employee benefit clients, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks and clients receive the attention they deserve. Mary manages our service team and oversees benefits administration for all group clients, including all employee and employer issues.

Beth Oakes

Beth Oakes

Business Development

“Beth’s extensive knowledge and experience of a benefit firm’s daily operations has had an immediate impact on our organization. She plays a critical role in our development and growth.” - Scott Haile

The management experience Beth brings provides a new dimension to our current business model. Her employee benefit experience, paired with her sales and claims management experience, makes her the perfect fit for managing our business development. She understands processes and employer/employee needs from top to bottom. She puts that knowledge to excellent use helping with both client retention and acquisitions through our proprietary processes.

Sheila Haile

Sheila Haile


“Sheila’s financial background has added a new component to our company by streamlining our operations.” – Scott Haile

Sheila brings invaluable banking industry expertise, which has provided us an opportunity to add strong financial management and oversight to the company. Though her continual analysis of the business, she has taken the data she sees day in and day out and developed a metrics and modeling process for qualifying client acquisitions and retentions. Having Sheila on the team has made us recognize firsthand the power of data: That data is simply data until you put it to use.

Jason Carpentor

Retirement Plan Administration

"Jason was a perfect fit for our company. The magnitude of his background ,experience, staff and cutting edge administrative technologies completed our business model." – Scott Haile

Jason Carpentor brings his retirement sales and administration experience to the company as a senior team member. He holds the Chartered Retirement Plans Specialist (CRPS) and Qualified Pension Administrators (QPA) professional designations.

Hershal E. Nardini

Advanced Planning Markets

"Hershel and I go back to the beginning. His expertise has helped our company to provide solutions in very complicated cases to meet specific goals of our clients. I feel fortunate to have known and worked with him since 1988." – Scott Haile

Hershel E. Nardini brings his extensive experience to the company in the advanced personal and business planning markets. He specializes in case development to include COLI, Deferred Compensation and Estate Tax Planning. As an exclusive member of the Bramco brokerage group he has provided Scott Haile & Company the ability to participate in “jumbo case“ underwriting opportunities. His commitment to his profession over his career has made him a recognizable leader in this arena.