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4 Keys to More Effective Workplace Communication

We communicate every day in lots of ways. At work. At home. At Starbucks. Most of the time, we do it without a specific plan. And while planning out your communications may sound strange, it can work wonders for your results— especially when you’re talking business. To make the most of your workplace communication efforts, […]

Job Interview Tips – For the Boss

There’s a ton of information out there about how to conduct yourself before, during, and after a job interview, and about 99% of it is geared toward candidates. This is very helpful if you’re looking for advice on how to score yourself a new job. But what if you’re on the other side of the table, looking […]

Workplace security: What does it mean?

For some people, workplace security means being able to hang onto a job. But for business owners, it means protecting the organization from all kinds of potential threats. When it comes to maintaining a safe, healthy, and profitable workplace, it’s important to give workplace security the big-picture attention it deserves. What kinds of things should […]

Risk Management: It’s More Than Just an Insurance Policy

When you think about risk management and your business, what comes to mind? Your finances? Your building and equipment? Your insurance policy? These things are all important and worth protecting. But managing your organizational risk is about more than dollars and stuff. It’s about managing your operations and people, too. Risk comes in all different […]

Are You Working With an Insurance Salesperson or a Benefits Consultant? Here’s How to Tell.

Today’s employers are screaming for an increased ROI on their employee benefits. They want an affordable option that takes care of themselves, their families, their employees, and their businesses. Meanwhile, healthcare costs continue to spiral and the demands on HR have become increasingly complex. This puts employers in a difficult position having to navigate some […]

Just How Important is Company Culture?

It seems like everywhere you turn, there’s another article about company culture. How to build a good one, how to avoid a bad one, how this company rocked it, or how that company completely screwed it up. No one would blame you if you were tired of hearing about it. But here’s the thing: Company […]

Sometimes a Lack of Regulation Creates Problems

Guest blog content provided to Q4iNetwork Consultants by National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU) Typically, when the federal government announces that it won’t be seeking regulatory action any time soon, both brokers and employer group plan sponsors rejoice. However, in this case, a lack of federal regulatory activity may cause headaches for companies that offer certain kinds of wellness […]

Complaints Happen. What’s Your Policy for Handling Them?

You’re a great employer. You offer competitive wages and benefits, remote work options, paid time off, and even have an office dog. What could employees possibly have to complain about? Maybe nothing. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a complaint policy in place just in case. Dealing with discontent Even businesses who try to […]

4 Ways to Manage Holiday Vacation Requests

No matter what the holidays bring to mind for you and your employees, chances are it will involve time off. Depending on the size, format, and scope of your company, it may be easy to work around everyone’s holiday schedule, but if you’re a small business owner, clustered time off requests can be especially difficult […]

About that cover letter…

It used to be that job search was all about a good resume and cover letter. When it came to evaluating applicants, the resume was the meat and potatoes. The main course, if you will. And the cover letter, well, that was more like the fancy appetizer. That special little something that not only looked […]

Are Resumes Still Relevant?

Back in the day, job search was all about the resume and cover letter. Most job seekers spent many painstaking hours creating the perfect template for each one, and proceeded to use them over and over again. On a good day, you remembered to change the company name before submitting. On a bad day, you […]