Are you making your broker evaluation based on outdated expectations?

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business partnerWhy do employers fail when hiring a benefit firm?

Hiring a partner based on friendship versus ability is detrimental. When things were less complicated, this arrangement was probably acceptable to some degree. However, that’s no longer the case these days. Now more than ever you need someone who has the ability to lead you through very complex circumstances relating to benefits and compliance. Why settle for another spreadsheet from your current broker when you can have a true Compliance Partner? One who is willing to discover, execute and transform your current situation by bringing the remedies you and your team urgently require?

Remember, in every engagement, there are two types of value: the value we expect and the value we don’t expect. BUT are “wowed” when it’s delivered.

Why settle with status quo?

WHAT IF….Scott Haile & Company could identify critical categories that affect your business?

WHAT IF….Scott Haile & Company supported your HR leaders in remaining compliant in today’s very complex benefits world?

WHAT IF….Scott Haile & Company could help you evolve and equip your workforce with the essential instruments to help your business thrive?

WHAT IF….Scott Haile & Company could help you attract and retain the right personnel?

WHAT IF….Scott Haile & Company could help you secure your business future?

IF…. any of this sounds good to you, then contact Scott Haile & Company today!

WHAT IF… that phone call yields the crucial results that secure your business future?

Eliminating Status Quos

Start by………evaluating current broker abilities and solutions

Then ask yourself………What strategies is my current broker delivering that helps maintain competitive benefits plans? How has my current broker really met our compliance needs? What new technologies has my current broker brought that remedy the burden of managing workflows and employees?

Knowing and suspecting are two different things. Do you Know that you have the right Partner or do you Suspect that you have the right Partner?

What Others Say About Us

“Scott Haile & Company gives sound advice and recommendations regarding costs, but also recognizes the importance of corporate culture and the feelings of employees affected by decisions made regarding benefits.”

“Scott Haile & Company’s Compliance is world-class. We didn’t know the level of issues we had until we got them involved. Now we are confident that we are in full compliance.”

“Scott not only helped us to create and implement a great program but really helped us to communicate the value of the program to our employees.”

“Your folks jump right in and handle everything … each has gone above and beyond to make my job easier. It is truly a pleasure to work with them.”