Employee Benefits Are Critical to Your Success

Helping you design the right program is our specialty

Employee BenefitsExceeding Expectations

When working with Scott Haile & Co, our clients, from CEOs to HR professionals to the workforce, feel a significant impact with our partnership. They are more prepared, more confident, and feel the effect of our remedies in a way not previously experienced. We understand employee benefits exceptionally well, but more importantly, we understand how they fit into the overall operations of a well-run and growing organization. Without great benefits and effective management of the human resource program, you can’t attract and keep great employees, which is what helps you build an organization with committing to.

Comprehensive Employee Benefits

Employers of choice provide a comprehensive employee benefits package to attract and retain employees. In addition to a competitive salary, an employee benefits package is a standard – and expected – part of an employee total compensation package.

Smaller employers tend to offer fewer components in the employee benefits package – and sometimes, no benefits at all. But, the majority of large companies and virtually all public sector government employers provide an extensive employee benefits package.

Businesses that are growing and expanding need to plan a careful phase-in of employee benefits so that as you grow, you continue to attract and retain the talent you need for further growth and expansion. Employers can expand this employee benefits package, as resources allow.

  • Investigate/survey Employee Benefit marketplace product options for all benefit coverages. This will produce the most competitive menu of products.
  • Provide alternatives to funding methods, which minimize premium cost. 

Employer Management

Scott Haile & Company was built on management of our clients’ benefit plans. The success has been accomplished by providing “consistent” information and response to issues as they develop. The confidence to know we are there as a member of your team will ultimately be a significant part of our business relationship. The following would be a short list of some of our employer management responsibilities:

  • Oversee and coordinate Open Enrollment Meetings at all locations prior to the renewal period. At which time a thorough review of all benefits will be given.
  • Coordinate and resolve any billing discrepancies with insurance companies.
  • Provide a comprehensive review of the process to streamline plan management and maximize time efficiency.
  • Supply advisory support when requested relating to the benefit plans criteria.
  • Act as support partner to the HR team.
  • Provide timely responses to requests and status updates until completed.