Compliance Requirements Are Serious Business

Be sure you have a compliance partner who takes your business as seriously as you do

Healthcare ComplianceBenefits Audit

Due to the high volume of transactions and the regulatory compliance issues facing entities today, it is crucial that internal controls are in place to defend against fraud, violations of laws, and to monitor regulations of contracts and agreements.

  • Scott Haile & Company, Inc. will provide a comprehensive audit of the benefits plan that will cover Affordable Care Act, ERISA, HIPPA, Medicare, and discriminatory practices.
  • An Audit summary will include the violation, its impact on the organization, a solution to comply, and outcome upon completion.                                             

Compliance Partnership

Through our compliance partnership, we will provide the process, systems and procedures for all relative notices and time frames relating to ACA Compliance requirements as well as unlimited Q&A support with our HR Remedies platform. Advisors will provide information and answers to minimize risk associated with legal and regulatory matters pertaining to HR compliance, employment law and health care. An example of some written responses provided include the following:

  • Discrimination-EEO-ADA
  • Policy and Procedures
  • Recruiting, Hiring and Terminations
  • Leaves of Absence-FMLA,PDL
  • Wage and Hour, Equal Pay Act
  • Unlawful Harassment, Workplace Safety