Employees Drive the Success of Your Business

Take care of them so they can take care of your clients

Employee HealthEmployee Advocacy

This program has been a major component of the successful retention of current clients. Each client is assigned a specific plan administrator to maximize our single point of contact approach. Our team is equipped to handle the following items from start to finish eliminating employee frustrations related to their benefit plan issues.

  • Claims Resolution
  • Billing Management
  • Doctor/Provider Searches
  • Streamline Enrollment
  • Replacement ID Cards
  • Adding/Deleting Dependents


  • Onboarding Platform – Scott Haile & Company has online enrollment systems, which alleviates today’s HR burdens. Through this platform, organizations can streamline the practice of hiring new employees and managing existing employees. Our model will eliminate spreadsheets, filing cabinets and data entry. Our system allows HR professional the ability to manage employees through a single dashboard.
  • Employee Portal – Employees have access to a variety of information 24/7 through the convenience of a mobile app. Employees can shop for benefits, find plan information and premium cost throughout the year. In full capacity, this platform is the largest in our library of technologies and recognized as the leader in its class.
  • Private Exchange – We can build out a private exchange to take advantage of various funding strategies, which will revolutionize the employees’ benefit shopping experience.

Comprehensive Cost Management

Proactive Business Solutions – A proprietary, trademarked product that provides the systems, processes, and procedures to proactively control overall cost and put those things into place to make you more attractive in the market place. We address 9 different cost drivers that include the following:

  • Engagement
  • Communication & Education
  • Training & Leadership Development
  • Wellness
  • Benefits
  • Productivity
  • Absenteeism & Presenteeism
  • Attraction & Retention
  • Performance Management


An assessment will be completed of these cost drivers to determine areas costing the company money. We will then score, prioritize, and establish a baseline to provide measurable results throughout the process. With the results, we systematically build a plan that will identify the impact, provide solutions, and outcome of the process.

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